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Joining our Mission

Are you ready to join us in reaching the West?

Joining Northwest Baptist Missions as a church planter or church planting team involves four steps: 

1. Determine interest and alignment 

2. Apply

3. Interview 

4. Pre-Ministry Preparation and Training

Interest and Alignment

First, fill out and submit a Preliminary Application. Our Executive Board will review it and send you a formal application upon approval.


Fill out the formal application sent to you, including your doctrinal statement and references, and submit it back to the office. After the Executive Board reviews and approves your application, you will receive a letter of approval, and someone from the mission office will contact you to set up the interview.


Your interview will be held in person — if possible — with the Executive Board seeking to get to know you, your family, and your team more fully. Topics covered will include: 

Salvation and call to ministry

Doctrinal views

Convictions and practices

Education and experience

Wife's role and involvement

Family Life

Team philosophy & dynamics

Pre-Ministry Training

Your pre-ministry training includes attendance at Candidate School, an internship, and team building.