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Come West

The Need

Although we have seen God build His church, the West is still a spiritual frontier with new and expanding ministry opportunities. Rural and urban populations have increased. The Mormon church still influences the culture and religious beliefs of many in the West, and the percentage of those who have no religious beliefs continues to grow.


Population Growth

Population Growth

Population Growth

The western US has experienced a robust bump in population since the census in 2020. Six out of the top ten fastest growing states are in the intermountain west.

  • Idaho

  • Arizona

  • Nevada

  • Utah

  • Washington

  • Montana


Religious Influences

Religious Influneces

Religious Influences

Northwest Baptist Missions has a long history of ministering in Utah communities heavily influenced by Mormonism. But along with Utah, the Mormon church significantly affects states like California, Idaho, and Arizona, which desperately need gospel-preaching churches. Surveys over the last decade have indicated that almost three-fourths of Mormons live in the West.

Along with Mormonism, the Western US has the highest percentage of people who have no religious beliefs — often called unaffiliated or religious “nones”.


Urban Opportunities

Urban Opportunities

Urban Opportunities

Several major cities within the intermountain west have significant spiritual needs. The most recent statistics reveal that the Provo, Utah, metro area has only one evangelical church for every 18,000 people (.6% evangelical), while Salt Lake City checks in at one evangelical church for every 9,000 people (2.3% evangelical). Reno, Nevada, also finds itself under 5% at one evangelical church for every 4,700 people (4.6% evangelical).


Rural Growth

Rural Growth

Rural Growth

Many small towns within the intermountain West have experienced significant growth since the pandemic. With less crowding, easy access to outdoor activities, and technological connections for remote work, these smaller communities in the West became hotspots for relocation.

Partner With Us

With growth comes increasing spiritual needs and opportunities for gospel influence. The West needs healthy churches in both rural and urban regions. Many areas of the West are spiritual deserts thirsty for the Living Water. 

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