Your Role

Northwest Baptist Missions relies on the faithfulness of many Christians like yourself. Most commonly, when believers think of how they might participate in the activity of a mission agency, their first thought involves their pocketbook. We’d rather that you start on your knees.



Prayer is absolutely essential to every work that the Lord would use for the spreading of the Gospel. We at Northwest Baptist Missions covet your prayers.

Please pray that God would:

  • Be glorified in every activity associated with Northwest Baptist Missions
  • Use the missionaries for the spread of the Gospel to this needful region
  • Save souls as a result of the work of this mission agency
  • Direct the leadership and missionaries to carry out all that He would have us do
  • Continue to protect and provide for each and every missionary and missionary family
  • Use believers to faithfully provide for the needs of our missionaries
  • Cause more missionaries to come and work for Him in this needful region



We praise God for His faithfulness in meeting the needs of our missionaries. Please pray about how you might participate in God’s program for missions, then consider how you might faithfully give to the work that is Northwest Baptist Missions.

You can give through PayPal by clicking on the "Donate" button.




For several years, Northwest Baptist Missions has offered short-term mission trips to various churches in the region. Most of them involved leading and assisting with Vacation Bible Schools.

Finally, please pray about how you yourself might act as a missionary to the northwestern United States. This region is absolutely beautiful and filled with a rich history, yet much of it is gripped in a false religion, apart from the God of the Bible. Perhaps it is God’s plan for you to help bring the Gospel to a needy people, that lost souls in this part of the country would know the Savior…