Our Mission Family




Van Hee, Ron and Jan- Evangelist, Grand Junction, CO


Harris, Bob- Missionary, Meridian, ID

Lacy, Joe and Susie- Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Rexburg, ID  (Church Facebook Page)

Lovegrove, John and Sue- Board Member, Pastor, Shelley Baptist Church, Shelley, ID (Church Website)

Smith, Kevin and Janelle- Missionaries, Notus, ID

Sondergaard, Doug and Bethany- Pastor, Shelley Baptist Church, Shelley, ID (Church Website)


Brocka, Chuck and Irene- Pastor, Fair Haven Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS (Church Website)


Schaaf, David and Anna- Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Winnemucca, NV (Church Facebook Page)

South Dakota

Lillibridge, David and Pam- Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Flandreau, SD


Paul and Robin Acree- Church Planter, Grace Baptist Church, Randolph, UT

Adank, Andy and Becky- Missionary, Logan, UT

Banman, Gary and Sue- Retired Missionary, Grantsville, UT

Dupont, Mark and Diane- Pastor, First Baptist Church, Beaver, UT  (Church Facebook Page)

Ehmann, Ron and Kathy- Pastor, Mountain View Baptist Church, Grantsville, UT (Church Website)

Murphree, Matt and Karlene- Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Salina, UT (Church Website)

Richards, Dale and Lella- Pastor, First Baptist Church, Escalante, UT. (Church Website)

Schaaf, Caleb and Rachel- Missionaries, Mountain View Baptist Church, Grantsville, UT/ Director, Camp Utibaca (Church Website)

South, Keith and Donna- Pastor, First Baptist Church, Nephi, UT (Church Website)


Parr, Thomas and Naomi- Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Anacortes, WA (Church Website)


Best, Chris and Martha- Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Pinedale, WY (Church Website)

Hartman, Richard- Board Member, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Kemmerer, WY (Church Facebook Page)

Loftus, Dean and Lorie- Director, Red Cliff Bible Camp, Pinedale, WY (Camp Website)

MacGill, Dick and Diedre- Red Cliff Bible Camp, Pinedale WY (Camp Website)

Sprecher, Jay and Pamela- Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, Thayne, WY (Church Website)


Carr, Ken and Elaine- Retired Missionary, Greenville, SC

Carr, Milton- Retired Missionary, FL

Clapp, Shawn and Penny- Hispanic Outreach Missionary, Elk City, OK

Hulquist, Carolyn- Retired Missionary, Owatonna, MN

Johnson, Nancy- Retired Missionary, West Jordan, UT

Johnson, James and Elizabeth- Pre-Field Ministries, Kemmerer, WY

Parish, Daniel and Cheri- Missionaries, Collinsville, IL

Parker, Phillip and Carrie- Missionaries, Pendleton, SC

Rodgers, Dennis and Melanie- Deputation Ministries, Tampa, FL

Parker, Jan (Sarbaugh)- Retired Missionary, Hudson, FL

Sprecher, Joyce- Retired Missionary, Hagerstown, MD

Tucker, Wayne and Elgie- Missionary, Asheboro, NC


Blackmon, Rodney- Warrenville, SC

Clapp, Shawn- Elk City, OK

Edwards, Jonathan- Marysvale, UT

Hartman, Richard- Kemmerer, WY

Layne, Barry- Arvada, CO

Lovegrove, John- Shelley, ID


Pastor, Grace Baptist Church-Randolph UT

Pastor, Grace Baptist Church- Manila, UT

Pastor, Grace Baptist Church- Price, UT

Assistant Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church- Thayne, WY