Greetings from the Northwest!

Neither sun, nor dust, nor threat of dejection stayed these messengers from the prompt dispatch of their assigned commission.

These faithful agents crossed the mighty Mississippi in the late 19th century by horse, carriage and train, risking life and limb to spread the message. While government couriers delivered mail to the West, these brave volunteers served and represented a much higher Authority.

Bible Rider



The names of these messengers have faded as the centuries have turned, but their message, the most important proclamation in human history, lives on:



Out of His great love for you, God made a way for you to be saved from the penalty of sin, through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Picking up the Great Commission where the first evangelists to the West left off, Northwest Baptist Missions came into existence through the burden of Wallace Higgins. In 1969, Pastor Higgins saw the need of the great Intermountain West (particularly Mormon country) and the tremendous problems faced there.

Then John Lovegrove, a pioneer worker in Mormon areas of the West, joined Pastors Clifford Clark (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and Mike Schepis (Wichita, Kansas) to work with Pastor Higgins in reaching this neglected section of our country. Since that time, God has led others to work with the Mission in establishing independent Baptist Churches in the western half of the United States.


It's our pleasure to share what God is doing with and through those of us here at Northwest Baptist Missions. Please read, pray, act and share as the Lord would have you!