2019 Annual Meetings Registration Vendor
Thank you for your interest in having a display at our 2019 Annual Meetings. There is no charge for the conference. We ask that you register for several reasons. First, it helps us plan for the conference. Second, space is limited so this may help assure you of a display area. Third, because we are a visitor in a local church, the host pastor has the final say on all displays. So registration enables us to run your information past the host pastor and our director, Ron Ehmann. If you are bringing your family, we also ask that you fill out a regular registration form as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the mission office at (435) 843-7570 or [email protected]
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The Annual Meetings of Northwest Baptist Missions draw not only our own missionaries, but also a wide range of pastors and Christian workers from the western United States. Our meetings are a time of fellowship and refreshment from God's Word. We allow vendors that may be of a help and/or blessing to our missionaries. We also allow other missionaries on deputation to set up their displays. We realize that among us (our mission family as well as the broader range of pastors) there are differences of opinion on different matters in Fundamentalism. Our Annual Meetings are not a time when we focus on these differences, but rather a time for fellowship, renewal and emphasis on God's calling to fulfill the Great Commission. These differences may include such items as music, translations, or various theological nuances etc. Our further consideration is the fact that we are guests in a local church. Because of this, we ask that our vendors and visiting missionaries be sensitive to these matters. If you have questions about this, please contact the mission office.
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